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We are a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs from Chilliwack, B.C. looking to change how junk removal is normally done.

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A Vision of Exceptional Service that Helps You and the Earth

Growing up in an agricultural based city has made us aware of how what we do affects the environment. This is why one of the pillars of Fraser Valley Junk Solutions is “Helping the Earth” and this is reflected in our removal procedures and where we dispose of items. We also value “Service with a Smile” because we believe you deserve to have an enjoyable and friendly junk removal experience. We have interviewed and background checked all our employees to ensure you get only the best. Our final value is “Transparent Pricing” and we are happy to say our clients are always pleased with our upfront and accurate quotes we give on site.

Our Story

“I had an intriguing idea in a grade 12 highschool entrepreneurship class at Chilliwack Secondary School. If I could remove items from homes by giving them a fresh start, while recycling everything he could, I’d have a chance to have a lasting impact in a pre-existing industry. I called it Chilliwack Junk Removal. I started with a friend’s 6*4*3 trailer and a beaten up green 2002 Ford Ranger. Getting my first junk removal job happened in the spring of 2018. From there I went on to start servicing homes around Chilliwack and within 3 months I was getting his first calls from corporations such as Earls Chilliwack and Marks Chilliwack.

There was a problem. The vision wasn’t big enough. This could be bigger than just Chilliwack. People all over the Fraser Valley could use this service. I then decided the name had to match the vision. I renamed it Valley Junk Solutions, where people could “Get That Fresh Start, Get Junk Gone”. I was able to scale up by hiring more employees and getting a bigger truck and trailer. Within one and a half years, Valley Junk Solutions became the most trusted junk removal company in Chilliwack. We were helping people get that fresh start they didn't know they were looking for. After two years of operation, I realized the name still didn't exactly line up with the vision. It was more of a description than a name. I then decided to change it to “Fraser Valley Junk Solutions” with the intent to be the number one junk removal business in the Fraser Valley.”

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